7 home remedies for your baby’s cold

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That evil cold bug has been attacking with a vengeance this year and it’s not even cold, it’s just different viruses flying around. Cold symptoms are generally runny nose, sneezing, coughing, and maybe a headache, it does not include a fever, if you are having fever, then you may have the flu or an allergy of some kind. School recently resumed so interaction and mingling with many people actually contributes.

Here are a few lifesavers that have proved really useful in dealing with this dreaded monster:

1.      Tixylix – The good thing about tixylix is that they have enough variety for every kind of cold, runny nose, stuffed nose, chesty coughs, dry coughs, and for different age specification too. The kids love it too, I let them choose their flavours, that way they can’t refuse to drink it. There’s nothing more frustrating than fighting a sick child to take their medicine so I choose my battles.

2.      NoseFrida – The ever popular snot sucky thing. This is great for babies. If you haven’t seen these yet here is the gist of it – it’s a tube attached to a long skinny tube and you put one end near the nostril and the end in your mouth and suck. What a simple yet disgusting concept. Trust me, my sister told me about this when I was pregnant and I wanted to barf BUT it works and is so much better than the original bulb sucker. There is a small filter to block any snot/bacteria from getting to you. The tiny filters are a little pricey and considering what they are, it’s a tad insulting but when something works for your sick baby you’ll most likely not care too much.

3.     Saline spray – This is a simple saline spray that you should use before the NoseFrida. Saline (sodium chloride) is a mineral found naturally occurring in the earth and body that excels at breaking up and thinning mucus. One spray in each nostril before tummy time or using the NoseFrida and all that mucus will be so much easier to get out.

4.    Non Fragrant Wipes – Again, tons of other wipes out there but I personally always go non fragrant products. These are delicate saline wipes that are amazing on your LO’s sore nose. I think baby wipes are just too tough and the Johnson and Johnson face wipes have fragrance which just irritates their already red nose.

5.     Vick’s Baby Rub – Let’s face it, there is nothing worse than not being able to breathe and imagine not understanding why you all of a sudden can’t breathe through your nose. The NoseFrida can only do so much – think about when you have a cold…you can blow and blow and blow your stuffed up nose and it is immediately stuffed again. I LOVE Vick’s Baby Rub! OMG. First of all, it doesn’t have any harsh chemicals so it’s gentle for your precious LO and it smells AMAZING. When It’s really bad I put some on her feet, armpits and chest. I know, armpits? I don’t know that it actually does anything but a friends suggested it and her mother is a retired nurse so I went with it. Once she starts to get better I decrease it to just her chest. She seems to really enjoy the smell and of course loves the little chest rub, which I do at night and in the morning before school. I would suggest to skip the feet unless your baby is wearing footie pajamas because you don’t want them to get it in their mouths.

6.     Eucalyptus oil – If you don’t already have a humidifier in the room, go get one. Eucalyptus is a natural decongestant and is often used at spas and steam rooms. The baby rub even has some eucalyptus in it. I think it smells amazing but it can be too much for some people so start off with 2 or 3 drops, depending on how big your humidifier is, and go from there. Trust me on this one, it will work wonders. They also sell those oil diffusers which could work too but I prefer the humidifier and it’s easier for me to just add some oil to the one we already use than to go out and buy an additional product. Also, if you’d like you can add some lavender to it when your LO is better to help them sleep. Some people mix oils but I would just stick to one at a time.

7.      Sleep – Obviously it may be a bit difficult for your LO to sleep when they are sick. They have no idea what is going on or understand that it will eventually pass. So if it comes down to it, I let the baby sleep in for as long as she wants or on my chest on the couch. Sleep is really the most important thing when you are sick (in my opinion) so if your feeding schedule gets a little messed up so be it. If your LO is sleeping, I suggest to just let them sleep and let the cold take its course.

If the cold continues for more than a week call their doctor. If your baby seems to have trouble breathing/shortness of breath call your doctor immediately. There have been times that I called the nurse multiple times over a few days. It’s okay to ask for help or admit you don’t know what to do and honestly, when it comes to the most amazing, precious thing in your life, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.Good luck!

By Adama Aliyu

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