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Junk Food is very popular in this time and age especially among the younger generation partly because it is easier to get and you don’t need much time to prepare or even prepare at all which makes it convenient for busy people . 

Even though junk food is delicious ,it is harmful to the health especially when you don’t eat other healthy food to balance it all . 

Here are some things you need to know about junk food

  • It can be addictive 

When you consume junk food , a higher amount of dopamine is released in your brain which leads to a lost of interest in natural food that is actually better for your body . People that take junk food often tend to get addicted and will choose it over natural food at any time ,which in turn affects their health negatively . 

  • It is high in sugar and fats 

As you all know , sugar and fats is not good for your body and junk food tends to be high in that and contains little nutritional value . This also leads to higher risk in obesity , cardiovascular diseases as well as other chronic diseases. The high calories gotten from the fats and sugar does more harm to your body than good . 

  • Impacts your emotional health 

What you eat impacts not only your physical health but your emotional state of mind as well. Junk food has the ability to impact your energy levels and emotional health negatively . The term ‘you are what you eat ‘ is not a joke ,your physical and emotional well being depends on what you eat .

  • Excessive hyperactivity

Studies have shown that junk food leads to excessive hyperactivity in children especially children at the age of seven. This hyperactivity is bad for both their physical and mental health and therefore should be avoided . 

Looking at the above effects of junk food ,it is safe to say that consumption of such foods should be restricted and controlled as the disadvantages outweighs the advantages in both adults and children . 

Even though junk food taste nice and conveniently fits into your busy schedule ,you should take time out to eat healthy food that will impact your mental and physical health positively  

Remember , a few minutes of pleasure is not worth ruining your health for. 

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