Easiest DIY potpourri for your Home

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With the rainy season in full gear now, there’s nothing one craves more than a crisp clean environment. We all hate that damp and dank stale feeling the air around feels during a particular humid and hot day. More so in our bathrooms that are almost always wet or damp.

I’ve got a life hack for you. Zesty, clean, crisp and inexpensive potpourri that you can make in your kitchen.

All you’ll need are;

> 3 cinnamon sticks

> 1tbsp of cloves

> peels of 2 oranges

> peels of 2 lemons

> 5 lemon or orange leaves

> 5 Rosemary sprigs

> 5 Bay leaves

> 1 cup of charcoal(hear me out okay?)

> display bowl or pouch

You get the peels and leaves of oranges and lemons and spread them to air-dry under a shade. Once they are dry completely you get your display bowl or pouch or bag (basically anywhere you plan to keep your finished product) you put the coal first, then break your cinnamon sticks and pile them on top then toss the rest of the ingredients. Make any aesthetic adjustments you want to and place it where you want in your bathroom. Too easy right?

I know you are wondering why the coal?? Bathrooms been damp most times will most likely get any dry arrangement kept in there damp with time. The presence of the coal will stop the arrangement from getting damp by absorbing excess moisture and thus refreshing the potpourri always. This ensures you have a longer lasting fresh scent.

Apart from being easy to make this also saves you money and a drive to the store to get what you’d probably wouldn’t enjoy in the long run.

Put this pandemic and the desire for social distancing into the equation… Homemade potpourri sounding more and more desirable right? I thought so


By Hauwa Ahmad


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