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What is your life purpose?

It’s a question that when you ask a lot of people; they don’t even completely understand what you mean. Someone might say “to live happily” another will say “to leave a footprint behind when I’m gone” and one could even say “to be successful in life”. They give these vague responses as if living happily, leaving footprints behind and success were clear cut targets with start and finish lines. But I think life purposes should be deeper than our mere desires.

A life purpose shouldn’t be all about acquiring temporary wordly objectives or creating a name for yourself, there should be more to life than that. I’m not saying I know it all, but personally my life purpose is to prepare for my hereafter, to live my truth, to live life like I’m dropping dead the next second to be held accountable for my deeds and most importantly to live to serve my creator; the Almighty. 

On this path I agree on leaving my footprints behind by touching lives positively and having an impact on humanity, because in the cruel world we live in, being the change yourself is crucial. And in order to motivate others to join you in making the change you need to be the ray of light, the hope, the recharger, the one emitting the healing energy.

But whatever purpose one chooses to serve in life; it’s never a smooth path because there are times when you will feel like giving up, or you just feel you have no strength to carry on, or you ask yourself “what’s the point of it all?” And so you’ll end up feeling like you don’t even have a purpose in life. But remember just because things aren’t going as planned, or life hits you with a hard ball on some dark days, you just have to keep moving. 

And remember no matter how hard things get, it’s a test from the Almighty, know that you were born for a purpose and that is to worship him. He knows you are strong enough to take it and every positive decision you take in life is one step closer to serving that purpose. Never give up on yourself and stay motivated!

By Hadiza Muhammad


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